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Enhanced Image Galleries (Why, What, and How)

At first glance, you can usually tell if an Amazon product page is engaging or if it falls flat. And since A+ content (formerly Enhanced Brand Content) is a tried and true way to increase conversion on detail pages, it’s safe to say that shoppers can sniff out great products just by looking at the image gallery as well.

Amazon Wasn’t the Only Winner On Prime Day

Going into 2020, Amazon was already primed to have a record setting year with a projected revenue of $350B, up 50% from 2019…and then the pandemic struck. After the initial toilet paper rush into brick and mortar stores, people started switching to online shopping.

Why You Should Be Paying Attention to Amazon Attribution

An essential element for any effective Amazon brand strategy is advertising, and pushing your products to be seen by a broader audience. Nowadays, most brands drive traffic to their Amazon listings through various platforms. Measuring the performance of the multiple traffic sources from a brand’s inbound campaigns is where Amazon Attribution is a powerful tool for identifying what’s working and what’s not.

Jumpstart Your Q4 by Implementing Sponsored Brands Video on Amazon Advertising

Video is becoming more integral to the eCommerce shopping experience and we at Channel Bakers have been leveraging Sponsored Brands Video to great success. A recent statistic even indicates that 68% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video.

It’s Official: Prime Day is Coming October 13-14

Hold onto your hats, folks! Prime Day is officially happening on October 13th-14th per Amazon’s website. After a postponement in July and months of waiting, we can finally save the date.

Twitch Might Be the Future of Digital Viewing

Digital Video has become the fastest growing digital medium, with an incremental increase of $3.59B in ad spending. And no, it’s not just because the COVID-era has turned the world virtual. It’s due to a shift in where digital viewers are consuming content.

How Important Is Prime Day This Year for Non Essential Brands?

This year, Prime Day is going to bring in the largest audience it’s ever had following the trend of sales rising around 40% YOY. In the midst of a global pandemic, Prime Members rose from 59% to 67% according to an RBC survey and this represents a huge opportunity for brands to capitalize on.

Leveraging Sponsored Display Across the Marketing Funnel

In a move to help Seller Central based brands better reach new audiences to further grow their businesses, Amazon has released Sponsored Display on Seller Central (in open beta). 

How COVID-19 Has Affected America’s Shopping Behavior

How has COVID-19 affected your shopping behavior?

We know that Americans have shifted their shopping behaviors drastically in the past few weeks due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. However, we wanted to put some quantitative data behind one of those shopping behavior narratives, “Everyone is shopping online now”. 

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